How to make a delicious matcha latte

A good matcha latte can give you the feeling that you are drinken a good cappuccino. I normally drink matcha latte around 15.00. We love to use barista oat milk to create a perfect matcha latte.

1. Ceremonial matcha

First step is to chose a high quality ceremonial matcha. Ceremonial matcha has a vibrant green color. The green powder should have a grassy aroma, and lot’s of other aroma’s.


Chose the right accessories to make matcha. You need a matcha bamboo whisk- also called chasen, a bowl and preferably a strainer to avoid lumbs and make the matcha more creamy.

3. Water 

You can use 70°C to 75°C warm water, don’t use boiling water to make a perfect matcha since it will taste better if the water is not to hot and you will keep the healthy ingredients. This time you use a small amount of water, around 10 ml of water.

4. Amount

Add 2 spoons of matcha using the matcha spoon, which is around 1,5 gram of matcha.

5. Milk

You an use any milk that you like, we normally use barista oat milk but in the summer time we also use coconut milk to give you a summer vibe. Put the milk in a milk frother and froth it around 80 degrees. If you don’t have a frother you can heat the milk in a small pan on the stove and use a whisk to create a creamy milk.

6. Whisk 

Use a bamboo matcha whisk, this will help you to create the perfect matcha that is smooth. Rinse the whisk each time before you use it. This will keep you whisk in a good shape. 

You can start whisking the matcha and water in the matcha bowl by whisking back and forth in a W shape. When the matcha is ready, it will be bit thicker than with a normal matcha, you can add the warm milk and cream. Ready is your matcha latte. 

Enjoy your matchaaa latte moment!