Recipe matcha chia pudding

With a jar of chia pudding you can create a delicious and healthy breakfast.

This recipe is really easy. Matcha chia pudding is loaded with healthy ingredients, anti oxidants, protein and fiber.

A great way to start your day or to finish it as a dessert.


6 tbsp chia seeds

500 ml plant milk, we use almond milk but coconut milk is also delicious

½ tbsp vanilla extract or maple syup (optional)

2 tbsp premium or ceremonial matcha



Blue berries

Coconut yoghurt

Coconut rasp


Mix the plant milk with matcha and stir it well, so there are no lumps left. Then add the chia seeds and maple syrup. Cover the bowl and store it in the fridge overnight or at least for 30 minutes. You can keep the chia pudding for a couple of days when stored well in a jar.

Whisk it again to ensure that it is smooth and divide it over 2 glasses.
Add the toppings like blue berries or raspberries, apple, kiwi and granola.
Enjoy it.