Matcha sampler pack


This matcha sampler pack contains 4 different varieties of matcha. In this pack we have added premium Ceremonial Green matcha, Pink-, Blue and Rose matcha.
All the different matcha are made from premium quality roses, dragon fruit, butterfly ūü¶č pea flowers or shaded green tea leaves.

Blue matcha

Blue Matcha is made from the dried and crushed petals of the butterfly pea flower, also known as Clitoria ternatea. It has no caffeine, it is a herbal tea and has different antioxidants from regular matcha. Blue matcha can be mixed the same way as green matcha  into a latte or smoothie, it can be added to your acai bowl, mocktails, rice, cakes etc. Blue matcha tastes very mild, a little earthy and floral. The fun color-changing part of the drink is from the butterfly pea flowers. The flowers are a vibrant deep blue when steeped in hot water but when lemon is added, it changes color to a jewel-tone purple.

Rose matcha 

Rose matcha is made from organic roses and is 100% natural powder.¬†It‚Äôs made from rose buds, and harvested in the early morning to give the roses a fresh taste. You can use this delicious rose tea to make a matcha, matcha latte, ¬†yoghurt, desserts, cocktails, a mermaid latte.¬†This aromatic and delicious rose matcha has a floral taste and is mellow, the smell is also very nice. It contains no cafe√Įne and is rich in¬†anti oxidants.¬†

Pink matcha

Dragon Fruit or Pitahaya powder, also called Pink matcha is a 100% natural powder. The Dragon fruit of our Pink Matcha comes from China and is a real superfood, very rich in prebiotics: it is the "food" of the good intestinal bacteria (which are called probiotics).  Prebiotics promote the growth of good bacteria and enable them to perform their health-promoting functions more effectively. Pink Matcha will help to stabilize your digestion as well as give you a smile with its invigorating colour.

The dragon fruit contains vitamins B1, B2, B3, C, iron and phosphorus. It also contains a large amount of antioxidants and fibre, which improve overall well-being and have exceptional anti-inflammatory properties. Pitahaya has a rich purple colour and is widely used as a natural colouring agent in cooking. The taste of pitahaya can be compared to a combination of kiwi, strawberry and watermelon. 

Green matcha

Aki ÁąĹ, refreshing, bracing, resonant

Aki matcha has been sourced from various tea estates in Yame, and only the finest shaded-grown tea leaves are used to create this premium ceremonial matcha. The matcha is stone-ground in a marble millstone. Aki has deep, mellow and subtle floral aromas with a somewhat creamy cacao butter finish. 

Sourced from selected tea estates in Yame and harvested with golden scissor precision, it takes 1,5 hour to obtain enough tea leaves to fill one canister.

The matcha sampler pack contains 4 tubes, each tube contains 10 gram 

Normal price is euro 32,95 now available for 29,95!

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