Blue Matcha - butterfly pea powder 100 gram


Blue Matcha is made from the dried and crushed petals of the butterfly pea flower, also known as Clitoria ternatea. Butterfly pea flowers come from Southeast Asia and has been used for centuries. Blue matcha has no caffeine, it is a herbal tea and has different antioxidants from regular matcha. Normal green matcha is made from shade-grown green tea leaves, blue matcha not. 

Blue matcha can be mixed the same way into a latte or smoothie, it can be added to your acai bowl, mocktails, rice, cakes etc. Blue matcha tastes very floral, mild, a little earthy and has a hint of licorice.

The fun color-changing part of the drink is from the butterfly pea flowers. The flowers are a vibrant deep blue when steeped in hot water but when lemon is added, it changes color to a jewel-tone purple. The more lemon juice you add, the more purple the tea will become. You can also try the Pink Matcha, see our matcha package.

Content: 100 gr

Origin: Thailand

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