Detox package premium


We have put together a package that will help you drink less sugar less caffeine and alcohol. What is good to start with is drinking plenty of water, herbal teas. Our detox package contains a gtowns Japanese tea, ceremonial matcha that will help you, a beautiful glass matcha bowl with bamboo matcha whisk so that you can immediately make a delicious matcha. You get a matcha spoon for free with this package worth €4.95.

Premium Ceremonial matcha Miyuki from Yame. Miyuki 美幸 means nice fortune, nice luck. Rich, intense, full of flavor, hint of macadamia nut, smooth chocolate, with a smooth aftertaste that has an elegant deep umami taste. The matcha is certified organic and has the official JAS Certified label. Can vacuum packed 40 gr

Matcha is a superfood, which boosts your energy for 4-6 hours, unlike coffee which gives a dip after 30 minutes. Matcha provides better focus, detoxifies your body, and contains a lot of antioxidants

Glass matcha bowl. This matcha bowl spout is also perfect if you want to make a matcha for two or more people and pour the matcha into other cups or bowls without effort. You make perfect matcha 

Matcha whisk. This handmade matcha whisk from Matchaaa is made in Japan and is an essential tool to prepare a perfect matcha. The handmade bamboo whisk, also called chasen, is handmade from a single piece of bamboo, made by craftsmen who have been making this for generations. Each traditional whisk has 100 prongs, each realistically carved, carefully roped and curled at the tip so that the three can be efficiently whipped to create a smooth tasting matcha. This whisk adds an extra special touch to your daily Matchaa Way of Life ritual.

Genmaicha tea Beautiful emerald green tea in color. The puffed rice gives a nutty aroma, round, full and subtle in taste, nice aroma, umami. Rich in vitamin C, B, antioxidants, minerals, lowers blood pressure, boosts your immune system.

Matcha chocolate almonds. With a matcha you also want to enjoy every now and then, a masculine male with a layer of matcha chocolate. Made from premium ceremonial matcha, freshly roasted nuts.

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