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Matcha set Aki with glass matcha bowl and whisk

Matcha set Aki with glass matcha bowl and whisk

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With this set you can immediately make a matcha. With the glass matcha bowl and whisk you can make a perfect matcha, and pour it directly into a cup or bowl of frothed milk to complete your matcha. You can see if you have knocked well when you lift the matchakom. The long guard is very good in the hand.

The ceremonial matcha Aki has been sourced from various tea estates in Yame, and only the finest shaded-grown tea leaves are used to create this premium ceremonial matcha. Aki is a really delicious matcha, round, with a very pronounced umami, the tasting is of absolute delicacy, deel, mellow, subtle floral aromas, without any aggressiveness, the vegetable is soft. Fabulous!

Sourced from selected tea estates in Yame and harvested with golden scissor precision.

The marble grinding wheels take 40 minutes to grind the leaves of the Tencha to fill a 40gr box, the result is bluffing with finesse. 

This matcha bowl pouring spout is also perfect if you want to make a matcha for two or more people and pour the matcha into other cups or bowls without any hassle.

The set consists of:

  • Glass matcha bowl worth €24.95
  • Miyuki ceremonial matcha by Matchaaa €35.00
  • Long bamboo whisk from Matchaaa worth €19.95
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