Twin Cloud Glass Chawan Set-matcha bowl

A set of twin cloud inspires glass match bowls 
A cased set consisting of two contemporary style chawan (matcha bowl), meticulously designed for a new perspective of brewing a perfect cup of matcha
Our Glass Chawan Set contains a pair of our signature glass chawan, which is specially designed and commissioned as part of a broader collaboration to create a modern take on an age-old centerpiece of the tea ceremony. Each chawan is delicately handblown by our master glassblowers from a world-renowned glass-blowing village. Inspired by the shape of a cloud, this chawan features an inner curvature that perfectly complements our Full-Hand Chasen when whisking matcha. It is made with high-quality, heat-resistant borosilicate glass, which can retain heat more effectively, while allowing the beautiful color of the content inside to shine through as you admire your perfectly brewed cup of matcha. This set is perfect for enjoying matcha with company and is also ideal as a gift.

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