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Original Beans

Zoque 88% - Original Beans

Zoque 88% - Original Beans

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Tropical flavors of lychee and coconut in this rainforest cocoa have stimulated the spirits of the local Mexican Zoque and Tzotzil tribes for thousands of years.

The deep green beaches of Selva Zoque (Zoque Forest) in southern Mexico can be considered the cradle of chocolate. People have grown cocoa here for more than 4000 years. The Zoque and their ancestors – the Olmecs – were similar to “our” ancient Greeks. They looked at the stars, kept a sophisticated calendar, they invented the sauna and a ball game. And they created a potent sacred drink from a forest fruit they called "kakaw." That was the birth of chocolate.
Just as the inspired Zoque and Tzotzil farmers feel supported by Original Beans, we are honored to revive the original cocoa tradition and help sustainably manage the Zelva Zoque rainforest.

Ingredients: cocoa beans and raw cane sugar
Flavor profile: tropical flavors of lychee and coconut

Weight: 70g

Cocoa percentage: 88%

Bean origin: Mexico

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