Different grades of matcha


There are different qualities of matcha, the best quality is ceremonial matcha. This premium quality matcha is used for Japanese tea ceremonies but also contains the best nutrients and healthy ingredients. Ceremonial matcha has a vibrant green color, a fresh, grassy smell, and lot’s of aroma’s. The best quality matcha is made from first harvest hand picked tealeaves, and is harvested in spring and not during the whole year. Our ceremonial matcha Miyuki is harvested by hand from one single organic tea estate in Fukuoka, and carefully stone ground. Our ceremonial matcha Aki is made from various tea estates in Fukuoka that are carefully blended and selected by the tea producer and tea master to ensure a well balanced matcha, and are also carefully stone ground in a tradional way that takes around 50 minutes to fill a canister.

Within ceremonial matcha’s you have different grades, which you can recognize but it vibrant and vivid green color, aroma’s and 

Culinary matcha is a lower grade of matcha. The color is less vibrant, more dull, and is close to a yellow and brown color. You can use culinary grade matcha in a shake, smoothie, or cake.