About us

Wendy Gaurié is the founder of Matchaaa. In the beautiful city of Leiden she has a tea shop called Exclusivithee. She sells tea of the exclusive French brand Mariage Frères. For years Wendy worked in the wine business, but switched to the tea business after drinking a delicious cup of Japanese tea. She has been an avid tea drinker since her childhood. 


“My French family was always busy with cooking and flavours. After all, la douce France is the land of scent, taste and inspiration and where the most beautiful products come from such as perfumes, chocolate, fashion and tea. I love to drink tea, and create a moment for myself while practicing yoga, or pilates or simply read when my daughter of five is not jumping on my back. She loves to drink a good cup of green tea, I try to let her taste all different flavours.” 


To keep her balance, Wendy watches her food and drinks. She loves pure flavors. Matcha fits well with that, it's a way of life. “When I tasted matcha a few years ago, I liked it so much and it gave me a great feeling afterwards, energy, refreshing, and not a dip like coffee can give.” It gives a boost to your energy, focus, a relaxed awareness and detoxifies. “Even my mom who struggled with losing weight likes to drink premium matcha when she visits me. My husband enjoys it too, he drinks it preferably after he went running or to the gym and he feels really good after it. And I also get many positive reactions to our matcha in the store in Leiden.”


Matcha is great to start your day, or halfway through the day when you need a positive boost to your energy, focus or after your exercise. Making matcha is a pleasant daily ritual and a good quality matcha tastes delicious too. 


“We have imported our own premium matcha from Fukuoka. Fukuoka is situated on the island Kyushu. Fukuoka produces a very high quality organic matcha, therefore we have chosen two different varieties: Aki and Miyuki. The matcha is made in the traditional way. I would like to let everyone taste it and experience its positive effects.”

Visit our teashop Exclusivithee in Leiden, Botermarkt 11 (next to Dille & Kamille). You can order a matcha, and buy matcha.

 Enjoy your matchaaa moment!