About us

Matchaaa is dedicated to bringing you the purest and most authentic ceremonial matcha from the heart of Japan. Our journey is driven by a passion for premium quality and ethical sourcing.

  • The first sip

    Matchaaa was born from a genuine love for both rituals and well-being. In 2021, Wendy Gaurié tried her first matcha in Singapore, not knowing what to expect. The flavour was amazing, and over time, she observed positive impacts on her mental and physical well-being. Wendy was so excited by the matcha ritual and its effects that she felt compelled to share it with others.

  • The start

    She started with this amazing ceremonial matcha from a tea farm in Kyushu, Yame, and decided to name her own brand, Matchaaa. She thought the name was fitting because when you say "matcha" in Japanese, it almost sounds like it has a few extra "a's" at the end.

  • How it's going

    In recent years, our journey has welcomed more enthusiasts.

    Yu Nakamura, who was thrilled by our high-quality ceremonial matcha. Raised in Japan, the matcha ritual was a significant part of her upbringing.

    Do Chrit, a photographer and matcha lover, started as a regular at our boutique café and is now part of our adventure.

    Our small team shares a passion for the matcha ritual and the art of making the perfect matcha. Our customer base extends from the Netherlands to a global audience.

    Join our community; you're warmly invited!