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Original Beans

Udzungwa 70% - Original Beans

Udzungwa 70% - Original Beans

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Made from a special, generations-grown local Trinitario cocoa from Tanzania's Udzungwa National Park, this bar tickles your senses with the aromas of orange and toffee.

The Udzungwa National Park is a great natural wonderland. Elephants forage around in the forest and the farming families have been growing their very special cocoa for generations. Things only go wrong when the elephants flatten the fields and devour the harvest. What can the farmers do about this? An elephant is not easy to stop.
There is a practical solution: elephants are so afraid of bees. They soon learn that when they disturb a beehive or hive and are covered in stings. So placing hives in a tide as a fence keeps the elephant at a distance. Simple and particularly nature-friendly. Now the Udzungwa farmers are safe behind their honey-producing “fence”.

Ingredients: cocoa beans, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter
Flavor profile: warm glow of oranges and toffee

Weight: 70g

Cocoa percentage: 100%

Bean origin:Udzungwa, Tanzania
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