Miyuki Premium Matcha, Fukuoka 40 gr


美幸, beautiful fortune, beautiful happiness

Rich, intense, full bodied, hint of macadamia nut, 

velvety chocolate, creamy finish with an 

elegant deep umami undertone. 

Miyuki is made from one single organic tea estate in Hoshino, in Kyushu and is Certified JAS Organic. Only the highest quality organic leaves are used to create Miyuki premium ceremonial matcha. You can taste that Miyuki matcha has a sweet umami taste, profound green taste, intense, with non of the bitterness.

This ceremonial grade matcha is grinded on a traditional marble stone, and grinded to perfection. The grinding proces takes around 45 minutes. This is one of the best matcha we have ever tasted. 

Sealed canister 40 gr

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