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Miyuki ceremonial matcha, Fukuoka 40 gr

Miyuki ceremonial matcha, Fukuoka 40 gr

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Miyuki is an organic ceremonial matcha with no bitter taste. Miyuki has a very rich creamy taste, with deep umami, hint of cacao, watercress, with non of the bitterness.

Single origin, JAS Certified Organic according to Japanese standards. The farmer uses no pesticides. The matcha comes from Yame, on the island of Kyushu and is freshly produced upon order. The tea plants grow in the shade for over a month before the harvest, which increases the natural sweet and healthy side effects such as enery, stress relieve, immune system.

The traditional marble grinding wheels take 40 minutes to grind the tencha leaves to fill one canister of 40 gram. The canister is UV light protected to ensure the freshness of our matcha cup.

40 gram makes 27 servings of matcha.

Miyuki means beautiful fortune, we chose this name because of it's pure natural taste and volcanic origin. 

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