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Ayaka ceremonial matcha - Uji

Ayaka ceremonial matcha - Uji

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Ayaka is a ceremonial matcha from Uji, Kyoto. The matcha is produced by a family in Uji, that has been making matcha for five generations and delivered the matcha to shogun and samourai for centuries. The teamaker uses the best tealeaves from spring harvest, and handpicked. This family produces the highest quality matcha and is considered the oldest tea producer in Uji. When we tasted this ceremonial matcha whilst visiting the teafarm in Uji, we were all so enthusiastic that we wanted to add the matcha to our collection of matcha.

The matcha is full bodied, with aromas of walnut, lemon and apricot. 

Ayaka means beautiful flower in Japanese.

Net weight 30 gr, 20 servings 

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