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Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Company

Lyserod Sparkling Tea silver needle-oolong -hibiscus

Lyserod Sparkling Tea silver needle-oolong -hibiscus

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Lyserød was crowned with the best non-alcoholic drink at the World's Best Innovation Awards in 2020. The extraordinary drink from Denmark is made using a special process used to make sparkling wine that transforms carefully brewed organic teas into a fine, aromatic sparkling beverage. Up to 13 types of tea in each variety guarantee a complex treat for the palate. The long-lasting perlage is particularly noteworthy and impresses even wine connoisseurs.

Lyserød is considered a non-alcoholic alternative to rosé. This variety is the driest among all the Sparkling Tea beverages. Nevertheless, it remains well-balanced with intense aromas of red berries and red apples. Oolong tea and silver needle tea add subtle bitter notes for a complex finish along with fresh hints of blackberry and hibiscus to round it off. The delicate salmon pink colour in the glass vindicates its reputation as a rosé substitute.

Lyserød goes well with light, salty dishes, seafood and oysters. Perfect as a refreshing after-work drink.

•  Tea base: 13 organic teas including white tea, darjeeling

•  Taste profile: Medium Off-dry

•  Tasting notes: Floral notes of jasmine and chamomile

• Alcohol percentage: 0%

• Closure type: cork

• Volume:  75cl

• Number of servings = 6 glasses

• Best served:  Chilled, at 5 degrees in a champagne glass

• Ideal for pairing with:  Asparagus or afternoon tea



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