Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Company

Lyserod Sparkling Tea silver needle-oolong -hibiscus


Blending 13 organic teas, this seductive drink is the most complex in the Sparkling Tea range. Aromas of jasmine, chamomile and citrus lead to a soft, rounded palate where white and green tea notes mingle with floral Darjeeling. The depth and layers of flavour are sensational, with fine tannins balancing the soft bubbles. Pair with vegetable-based starters, light mains and any dessert or afternoon tea snacks.

•  Tea base: 13 organic teas including white tea, darjeeling

•  Taste profile: Medium Off-dry

•  Tasting notes: Floral notes of jasmine and chamomile

• Alcohol percentage: 0%

• Closure type: cork

• Volume:  75cl

• Number of servings = 6 glasses

• Best served:  Chilled, at 5 degrees in a champagne glass

• Ideal for pairing with:  Asparagus or afternoon tea

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