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Traditional matcha whisk (chasen)

Traditional matcha whisk (chasen)

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This original handcrafted matcha whisk with with 100 prongs is made in Japan, and is an essential tool to prepare a perfect matcha. The handmade bamboo whisk, also known as chasen is handcrafted from a single piece of bamboo, made by artisans that has been crafting this for generations. Each traditional whisk has 100 tines, each of which has been expertly cut, meticulously woven with string, and curled at the tip to allow for the tea to be efficiently whisked to create smooth-tasting matcha. This whisk will add an extra special touch to your daily ritual of Matchaaa Way of Life.

Material: bamboo

Origin: Japan

Measurements: 10,50 cm high, 6,00 cm width

100 prongs


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