Original Beans

Virunga 70% - Original Beans

A delicious special chocolate with a hint of cherries, earthy chocolate, and black tea that is a fairly dark chocolate for 70% cocoa. The taste of this rare Single-Origin chocolate with notes of Amarene cherries is unique and the workers who grow the cocoa for it are a source of inspiration. Virunga is made from cocoa beans from the Virunga National Park in Congo. The purchase of this bar strengthens the position of the mountain gorillas 🦍 that live in the Virunga National Park.

This Virunga (formerly Cru Virunga) is harvested in the Virunga National Park in eastern D.R. Congo. With a percentage of 70% and a 20-hour conch, it produces a beautiful chocolate with a complex taste and a lot of depth.

Ingredients: cocoa beans, cocoa butter, raw cane sugar
Flavor profile: warm notes of sour cherries and black tea

Virunga National Park, Eastern Congo (DR)

Made from rare Amelonado cocoa.

Weight: 70g

Cocoa percentage: 70%

Bean Origin: Virunga National Park, Eastern Congo (D.R.)

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